Mal'Ganis - US



We are <Semi Respectable>, we raid hard core as the Horde on Mal’Ganis[US].

Raiding 4 days a week  with 1-2 days once all content is on farm. Raid days are strictly T/W/T/Sun with Sunday being a heroic clear night, no progression will be done. Raid times are 1700-2100 PST (2000-2400 EST)  these times are absolute and strictly adhered to.

We also maintain a semi-casual alt raid on the weekend. Half core raiders and half casual friends and family.

Recruiting is open but limited, applicants must be some of the best in their class. A willingness to be at the top end of progression and an ability to raid hard under pressure. For more information please use the “Recruiting” form.

We sell  heroic runs of the current tier (once content is on farm) and meta achievements, we also offer older content runs. For pricing and availability please send us a note using the “Recruitment” form or make a toon and contact one of our officers.

Thank you for visiting, please, take a chair and enjoy yourself.